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MAC Packed To Go: 3 Assorted Black Eye Liners

MAC Packed To Go: 3 Assorted Black Eye Liners

Today I have a quick review on this trio set that I ordered online at This is the description on the MAC website. To line the eye, a choice of three very different eye liners, all of them black. The versatility lies in the application and the graphic quality of the line. For cognoscenti of the cat's eye and beyond: Engraved Powerpoint, Feline Kohl Power and Penultimate.

 It sells for $45.50 online. The main reason I ordered this set is that the I really wanted the kohl power eye pencil in feline. It has been sold out or backordered online for over a month now. I saw this set and thought that I could try out the other two liners being that you can never have enough black liners and two I really like MAC cosmetics. 
My first impression of the liners are that the packaging is beautiful. Very sleek and chic all black packaging. I am a sucker for packaging. LOL! The first pencil I tried was Feline of course. It is definitely very black…